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Polk Plumbing is centrally located in Polk County, Florida. We are based out of the Winter Haven / Lakeland area & services the entire Polk County area. Polk Plumbing is the #1 rated plumbing service company in the Greater Winter Haven, Lakeland, Haines City & Lake Wales areas. Our plumbers are trained with superior and unparallel plumbing skills. Every plumber that we dispatch has at least 20 or more years of on site plumbing experience, and at least 5 or more years of college level classroom experience. We are continually educating our plumbers with the latest cutting edge techniques, using the most cutting edge proven materials and equipment, all to give the client the best possible service at the best possible price."We get the job done right the first time, every time"

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Phillips Family, Plumbing & Construction History

(R.L. Phillips is NOT a family member, nor is R.L. Phillips Plumbing an affiliate).


Our founder Michael Phillips is a Fifth generation plumber & plumbing contractor. Michael has been involved with his family in the plumbing and construction industries in Florida since he could first walk. Michael literally and routinely went on service calls with his dad starting at age four. Michael’s immediate family tree has more than 16+ plumbers & 9+ plumbing / general contractors in the Central & South Florida areas dating back to the late 1800’s. The Phillips family has been involved in plumbing, construction & construction materials that have gone in to creating what we now know as Miami Beach aka/ “South Beach”, North Miami, North Miami Beach, as well as many other locations including greater Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County and Polk County areas. How long Michael has been a profesional plumber depends on when you start counting. Michael has been licensed as a Certified Plumbing Contractor in the State of Florida since 1998.


Some of the family related companies include:


Miami Plumbing & Heating, 1899

Miami Plumbing Company, 1925

Miami Plumbing Supply Company, 1926

North Miami Plumbing, 1957

Crown Plumbing, 1964

Phillips Non-Ferrous Metal Co., 1965

Kontrol Plumbing, 1971

Deerfield Plumbing Service 1974

Gulfstream Plumbing, 1977

Crown Plumbing & Contracting 1983

Polk Plumbing, 2005


There are additional family related plumbing & construction companies owned by younger family members, specifically in Polk & Orange Counties Florida, that have been omitted due to possible competition conflicts.




Michael’s great great grandfather William S. “Snooky” Phillips founded “Miami Plumbing & Heating” in 1899 in Miami, Florida. He was one of the first plumbers we know of in our family. Snooky’s father was also in construction & early plumbing systems in the mid to late 1800’s. Although little more is factually known about him than that, family legend says he was involved in construction and plumbing, working for railroad tycoon Henry Flagler. Snooky was said to be one of the first plumbing contractors in Florida to be granted a plumbing contractor’s license by Dade County, due to his father’s alleged affiliation with Henry Flagler & the fact that at that time little or no regulation or plumbing code at any level of government were in place. At that time the contractor’s licensing was done at the county level and not at the state level as it is done today. For Michael’s family the term “Grandfathered In” has literal meaning.


Snooky’s son, Michael’s great grandfather, Monroe W. “Dixie” Phillips founded “Miami Plumbing Company” in Miami, Florida in 1925 then later sold the company in 1942. His son, Michael’s grandfather, William “Milton” Phillips founded “Kontrol Plumbing” in North Miami in 1971, later incorporating the company in 1987. Milton later sold the company in 1995 when he retired to live Melbourne Beach, Florida. Milton’s brother, Michael’s great uncle and great aunt, “Dudes” & Margie Phillips, founded “North Miami Plumbing” in 1957 in North Miami Beach, Florida. Dudes & Margie owned & operated a plumbing service company and plumbing supply house at 15320 West Dixie Highway, North Miami Beach, FL for approximately 35 years. Michael’s father, Kurtis Phillips founded “Gulfstream Plumbing” in North Miami Beach, Florida in 1977 later dissolving the company due to aggravated disabilities previously incurred in 1969 while a US Marine in Vietnam.


While our history in plumbing is rich, our plumbing resources for knowledge and skills are even more vast. Plumbing & Construction consulting and drafting services available.

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